DJ Tok’Ra

DJ Tok’Ra

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DJ Tok’ra about himself, electronic music and DJing:
“As a boy” at the age of 16, I attended a Goa event at Cult in Arnsberg for the first time. I quickly realised that progressive, psy & goa was going to be something important for me.
Because I found fulfilment in it. Progressive and Psy music always gave me strength and energy in everyday life. The heart was filled with music, with vocals, with beats and breaks – with moments that only music can give you!

After many intense years of partying, I realised that listening wasn’t enough for me and it wouldn’t let me go of wanting to create something. I wanted to become a part of it myself. So in 2020 I bought my first equipment and planned the first event of my own! Finally, I could live out parties and music the way I had always imagined, namely giving time and space to music in a good ambience where nothing was lacking. Psychedelic Evolution was born.

Djing itself is more about giving you the feeling that Progressive & Psy Music evokes in people like me and other lovers…. a feeling of freedom, an indescribable good and warm feeling, the feeling that is in the air, that you can grab…. it goes through the clothes, through the skin – right into the heart.
…and because DJing alone is not enough for me and I love working creatively with music, I attended the SAE Institute to learn how to produce. My own productions are already in the pipeline.

In 2022 I discovered my love for the different facets of techno and Evolution Rave became my second baby.

We Love, we dance, we trance


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