DJ Re-Peater

DJ Re-Peater



DJ RE-PEATER, formerly known as ” DJ Mahasuka” in the trance scene, experienced his first dj skills in the fifth and sixths grade in the school disco. By end of the eighties he played in a autonomic youth center and in a hippie club raggamuffin – hip hop and acquired mixing on beats.

1993 he organized the first techno parties with some friends and moved shortly after to hamburg to start through as a dj with the people from ‘spirit zone booking’.

First bookings in Europe and Overseas abroad followed quickly and in 1997 ‘Intact Instinct’ was founded. A year later first 12″ and LP took place amongst others. The sound was already close to strongly techno und it is quite obvious that Intact Instinct was significantly involved in spreading the “proggy sound” in the trance scene.

To be able to release under different lables “Peak Pilots” was formed with the same cast and to create an even more heavily sound, Peter founded with Seabstian Krüger (SBK) the “Disko Slickers”. At all he released 3 Albums, around fifteen 12″ and was signed on uncountable compilations world wide.

In 2001 the label “Save to Disc Recordings” was developed where indigenous productions and music from friends like Andreas Krüger (Der Dritte Raum), Tim Healy and Patrick Zigon were released.

In 2004 after gigs on 5 continents in about 50 countries, Peter stepped back from the scene and basically took care about his children.

Since the kids became more independent by now Peter is back, after a 10 years break. Under the name “DJ RE-PEATER” he is still wowing the crowd on selected events with his unique style, beeing one of the most experienced and coolest dj’s in the hamburg techno scene nowadays.


Diskografie DJ RE-PEATER (05/22) 1998 – 2005


Intact Instinct – When Woodworm Workse Worse    12“    POF Music


Intact Instinct – Supply From Below     Double Vinyl LP/CD     Liquid Audio Soundz


Disko Slickers – I Think / The Mangler    12“    Naja Records


Peak Pilots – Smelling Trap / The All Decisive Question    Spiral Trax International


Ouija feat. DJ Mahasuka – Elasto   Naja Records


Intact Instinct – Acces All Areas / Multi Mutoid Mosquito Miasma     Naja Records


Disko Slickers – Slick Of It All     Double Vinyl LP/CD       Liquid Audio Soundz


Intact Instinct – Chicago Coin Cinema (The RMX) 4 Track  EP/CD Liquid Audio Soundz


Intact Instinct – Plattenfedermanometer  Double Vinyl LP/CD   Liquid Audio Soundz


DJ Mahasuka Compilation for Medium Records  Double Vinyl LP/CD


Disko Slickers – Dark Tuned    12“     Save to Disc Recordings


Disko Slickers – Slicky Disko   12“   Electribe


Disko Slickers – Orange Aid      12“   Slope Records



Agency Dicular Records