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Early 1996, Tomtron began playing as a DJ in the house and techno scene. As a guest at the first psychedelic trance festival, he fell in love with this highly emotional music with an oriental touch. Not long after, he begins spinning psychedelic trance music as a DJ, performing gigs in Israel, England, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, France, and all across Germany.

In his role as an A&R at Nova Tekk distribution, he later put together numerous compilations of Goa Head, Tantrance, Pulse, and Goa Party tracks. During this time, he visits a new artist called Timm Liesegang to sign some music for Novatekk. This was the best thing that could have happened to him in this time because a long and great friendship was formed and Timm Liesgang and Tomtron started making music together, releasing two albums, and playing a lot live together.

At the same time Tomtron starts organizing in Oberhausen Germany the Indoor / Outdoor event “Klang Der Essenzen” with a great team and line-up each two months, which continues to run for over 6 years.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he started his own record label, Vertical Records. By this time, as a DJ and producer, his style had already evolved to be more UK Trance and progressive.

After a few years of running the label, Tomtron decided to take a break from music – focusing his time and energy on his actual career.

In 2021, nearly 12 years later, Tomtron finally picked up producing again, resulting some single releases. After starting his new label Dicular Records at the end of 2021, he also organized the first “Klang Der Essenzen” event in the beginning of 2022 – and even started DJing again soon after.

Tomtron has many new projects in the pipeline… So let’s say, he’s back…

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