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In the beginning of 1996 Tomtron starts playing as a DJ in the house and techno scene. After a short time he was as a guest on the first psychedelic trance festival and fall in love in this high emotional and oriental touched music. So he starts very soon playing psychedelic trance music as a dj and playing gigs in Israel, England, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, France and all over Germany for many years.

After a while he got the chance to work for nova tekk distribution as A&R and compiling from this time some Goa Head, Tantrance, Pulse, and Goa Party compilations. In this time he visit a new artist calls Timm Liesegang to sign some music for Novatekk. This visit was really the best thing could happend to him in this time because there comes out from a great and long friendship and Timm Liesgang and Tomtron starting doing music together and release two Album and playing a lot live together in this time.
In the same time Tomtron organize with a great team for more than 6 years the Indoor / Outdoor event “Klang Der Essenzen” in Oberhausen Germany with international line up each two months.

So it was a questian of time that he will founding his own record label calls Vertikal Records. At this time he changed allready for a long time to the more UK Trance and progressive style as a DJ and producer aswell.
After some years with the label Tomtron take a break with everything has to do with music for nearly 12 years and spend this time in his real life career.

In the last year 2021 he restart producing first and work on his first solo Album psy holiday.
In the end of 2021 he founded his new label Dicular Records and organized in the beginning of this year 2022 the first Klang Der Essenzen event and playing his first gigs already as a DJ again.

There are many projects in the pipeline… so lets say he is back…

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