DJ Walter Bradu

DJ Walter Bradu



Walter Bradu started his DJ career in the Rhein-Main area in 1996 as a techno DJ. He accepted participated in countless contests which he often won or placed second. When he was with friends to a psytrance party first time he was immediately infected by this sound. The first bookings at small Psytrance partys are coming at this time and soon he was booked all over Germany, from Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt to Munich.

When he got the chance to work as A&R at the well-known label Nephilim Records in 1999 and thereby came into contact with the international scene push up his career once more in a completely different dimension. In the meantime he can be found on bookings for parties and festivals all over Germany Israel and in many European countries such as the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Portugal or Switzerland. He has played at parties alongside with international artists such as Astrix, Rinkadink, Tristan, E-Clip, Krama, Element (Brazil), Avalon, Tsuyoshi Suzuki and many, many more.


For his family and his son Walter took a break of several years. Then in 2018 he started again slowly under the name of Chemieraum events many small parties. In the same time he organize the well known “Organic Atmosphere” party series which continued to grow. In 2020 the Corona Pandemic broke out and how ever everything ground to a halt. But now the preparations are on there way already and so it can continue in early 2023 and hopefully better and bigger than ever. As a DJ, Walter Bradu has started again to play his gigs aswell.

His sound as a DJ cannot be clearly described. It is always different new and always correct. He just can’t be pigeonholed. He often hears that you don’t even have to see him
you can hear it immediately when he plays.

Together with the Dicular Records label Head Tomtron he started the project “Licht & Ton” The first releases are planned for summer / autumn 2022.


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