!! Dicular News Flash !!
We have another addition to our growing roster!
With warmth and love we welcome DJ YOKA to our team!
Hundreds of gigs since starting his career in 1995 made him a well experienced dj and producer in the scene. Yoka already played gigs at Antaris and Wonderland Festivals,
was a resident dj at the infamous ‘Café 3Klang’ in Essen and as ‘Yoka & Morgana’ he also went on Tour with well known dj’s and producers Magnetrixx and Morganixx. Under the pseudonym SYNPHONETIC he released an album called ‘Butterfly Effects’ in 2005.
Since 2023 he also plays as ‘YoKachina’ together with our lovely Kachina.
Yoka’s preferred style is Psychedelic Techno, but he’s also capable to make you move with some serious Psytrance, Minimal, Tribal and Oriental House tunes.
Please make him a warm welcome!
Stay dicular!