It is with great honour to finally share some exciting news with you all.!
None other than mighty Mark van der Vlugt has joined our growing Dicular roster.!!
Most of you already know Mark as the legend that he is and many of us already had the pleasure witnessing him and dancing to his outstanding sets during the 90’s around the globe. We are absolutely thrilled and very proud to join forces with Mark.!
Mark’s incredible journey began 1986 when he moved from the UK to Germany and started visiting his first techno parties. A few years later he started djing and doing his own parties in the Sauerland region. During this time he also worked as a promoter for the british electronic music label Blue Room Released and Atomic Records. Due to his network with various artists and other promoters it didn’t last long until he got invited to play at parties in Europe and around the globe.
Mark released a few compilations on Atomic Records and Median/ID&T and collaborated on different tracks with artists like Dino Psaras, Pete Martin, Iain Rive and Nick Smith.
In 2000 he moved back to the UK, took a few steps back from the scene and stopped playing as a dj, focussing on family.
After almost 20 years it was an unexpected invitation to play at the famous ZNA Gathering Festival in Portugal that brought Mark back to scene in 2020. This particular set reignited his enthusiasm for djing again. Last year our labelhead Tomtron met him at a party in Switzerland. Lots of talking about good old times ultimately resulted in adding Mark to our roster.
Mark is currently based in Brighton (UK) and focusses on Techno, Tech House and Psy-Tech.
Please make him an extra special warm welcome.!!
Stay dicular.!