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Massimo Santucci

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Armada Music / Spinnin’ Records / Baroque Records / Beatfreak Recordings / Bonzai Records

Massimo Santucci is a musicians and music-producer from the south-Italian mediterranean area that, since the beginning of the 80’s, passionately plays with music. Starting with self-made drums of bucked and pots, he had developed -mid of the 90’s- to a serious Jazz-Rock drummer.

1996 he discovered his passion for electronic music when he launched his very first Electronic Music project Analogue Dream (Psy-Trance) whereby, in the course of 4 years, he completed hundert’s of live performances around Germany and Europe. After a few compilation releases on Shiva Space Technology, Nova Tekk or Nephilim Records, 2002 Massimo released he first full-length album “Massimo Santucci – Al Dente”, on Liquid Audio Soundz. In the same year came also the progressive-trance album of Prototyp, a cooperation with Linus Wessel (Tarsis) and Panajotis Tzanoglou on the German Insolation label. With all this project’s, Massimo toured constantly through Germany, many European cities and partly some overseas gigs between the years 2000 and 2004.

In 2004 he took the challenge to work as music-producer and sound-engineer for the record company OpaqueMusic that, at that time, was responsible for many of the club hits and managed some of the aspiring DJ’s such as Kurd Maverick, Eddie Thoneick, Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora a.m.m.. Many of the productions like The Mashup Kids – Won’t let you Down, Kurd Maverick – The Rub a.m.m., has been licensed on majors such as Universal Music, EMI, Kontor Records, Superstar Recordings while some others climbed till on top #1 of the UK (LMC vs. U2 – Take me to the Clouds Above) or DDC Charts (Eddie Thonheick & Kurd Maverick – Love Sensation).

Parallel to his work as co-producer and mastering engineer, Massimo has released many of his own production of this different project’s Massimo Santucci, Maxrage, Jackus & Santucci or Tribalism on well-know Labes such as Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music, Ferry Corsten’s Flashover, Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music a.m.m.. His tracks find place in the set’s or radio shows of biggies like Paul van Dyk, Sander van Doorn, Moguai, Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclair, Tom Novy a.m.m.. Massimo’s remixes of Racheal Starr’s “Crash” (2006) or Sergio D’Angelo & Andrea Love “Can’t Live Without Your Groove”, were broadcasted on heavy rotation on some important radios incl. BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, 1Live, Radio Deejay, Radio RTL 105. Crash was 6 weeks in the US Billboard Dance Charts. The track „String of Cesar“ released on Ferry Corsten’s Label, was licensed for Moguai’s Compilation Punx up The Volume on Embassy One, the German Label of Ministry of Sound.

In 2011, Massimo got the great pleasure to work together with one of his idols, the Italian jazz percussionist Tony Esposito, on a remake of his 80s hit Kalimba de Luna. The maxi single came as “Kalimba” on the Dutch dance giant Spinnin’ Records. In 2012, under the project of Maxrage, the album “Powder” came out on Tribal Vision Records, which was the result from a collaboration with another gifted music producer Peter Gun aka Peter Jürgens, which was immediately followed by a small Mexico tour.

In the same time he startet a group of Labels to release all the tracks he produced in the last months. The debut Release Flowquency on the same named label was played over a few weeks on 1Live Radio by Moguai and Licensed on the Compilation MTV Mobile Beats presented during the the same named Festival in Cologne Germany. Recently he had a small comeback with his 1st project Analogue Dream releasing around 10 Tracks and an album that include a bunch of 1997 productions on DAT Tape. Analogue Dream absolved a dozen of Live Acts but Massimo is going now back to his Studio to bring some modern melodic Techno & House tunes in the very near future.


Agency Dicular Records



MAXI’s & EP’s

Prototyp „X Men“ (20 Year Later Mix) Global Trance LTD 2022 DE

Analogue Dream „Love Sequence“ (25 Years Later Mix) Global Trance LTD 2022 DE

Analogue Dream „The Return of Aragon“ (25 Years Later Mix) Global Trance LTD 2022 DE

Massimo Santucci „The Path“ (Analogue Dream Remix) Nutek America 2020 SP

Massimo Santucci „Earth & Space“ (Analogue Dream Remix) Pharmacy Records 2020 US

Prototyp „Africa“ (Analogue Dream Remix) Global Trance LTD 2019 DE

Analogue Dream „I like the Diversity“ Global Trance LTD 2019 DE

Analogue Dream „Spronk“ Global Trance LTD 2018 DE

Analogue Dream „Euphemistic Vision“ 2018 Edit Global Trance LTD 2018 DE

Analogue Dream „The Science of Religion“ Global Trance LTD 2018 DE

Analogue Dream „Bells of Kairo“ Global Trance LTD 2018 DE

Massimo Santucci „Zetrekijan Bansarek“ Atari Lovers 2017 DE

The Italian Donkey & Abrami feat.
Massimo Santucci

„I Can’t Get No Sleep“ Global Electro 2016 DE

Patric Lindstrom „Caribbean Syndrom“ Flowtech Recordings 2016 DE

Massimo Santucci „Ultimate Bass Olymp“ Flowtech Recordings 2016 DE

Massimo Santucci „The Art of Sound“ Atari Lovers 2016 DE

Massimo Santucci „Drunken Mexican“ Atari Lovers 2016 DE

Massimo Santucci „Rider” Tumbata Records 2015 FR

Massimo Santucci “The Art of Groove“ Ambassade Records 2015 FR

The Italian Donkey „Dung N Dogo“ Tumbata Records 2015 FR

Massimo Santucci „Geilissimo” Flowquency 2014 DE

Sunshine Returns „Hurting Me“ RadioForm 2014 DE

Maxfab „All I Want – The George Morel Mixes“ Flowquency 2014 DE

Tribalism „Children of the House“ Donkey Trax 2014 DE

Sunshine Returns „Turns Red“ RadioForm 2014 DE

Mike Davis Band „Walking RadioForm 2014 DE

Abrami feat. Maxfab „Give It a Chance“ Flowquency 2014 DE

Mike Davis Band „Ibiza Drum Solo“ Donkey Breax 2014 DE

Analog Brothers „Acid Control“ Flowquency 2014 DE

The Italian Donkey „Sbronked” Donkey Trax 2014 DE

The Italian Donkey „March Mallow“ Flowquency 2014 DE

Massimo Santucci „Close Your Eyes“ Flowquency 2014 DE

Mike Davis Band „Sunset Hill“ Donkey Breax 2014 DE

Maxfab „All I Want“ Flowquency 2014 DE

Massimo Santucci & Mark Jackus „Leopard“ Shibiza Recordings 2013 IR

Peter Gun & Max Rage “Spooky” Tribal Vision 2012 MX

Massimo Santucci “Flowquency” (MTV Mobile Beats) More & Music 2012 DE

Massimo Santucci “Long Legs Tamara” Juicy Music Miami 2012 US

Massimo Santucci & Dj Pearl “Allegro Vivace” Juicy Music Miami 2012 US

Massimo Santucci & Tony Esposito
“Kalimba” Spinnin’ Deep 2011 NL

Massimo Santucci “Emotional Rescue” Method / Baroque 2011 UK

Jackus & Santucci “Super Hang On” Insert Coin 2011 SP

Jackus & Santucci “GONZO” Tropical Beatz 2011 BR

Massimo Santucci feat. Andrea Kellermann
“Cesar’s Darling” Slammin’ Muzik 2010 DE

Jackus & Santucci “Phoenix EP” Insert Coin 2010 SP

Massimo Santucci & Daniel Green “Strings of Cesar” Boom Tsjak /
Flashover 2009 NL

Jackus & Santucci “Bobby” Emotion y Ratio 2009 DE

UGHL & Massimo Santucci “Goodness Knows!” Emotion y Ratio 2009 DE

Jackus & Santucci “Kyrillia” Moovment Records 2009 FR

Massimo Santucci “Syncoped Bytes” timbee Music 2009 DE

Massimo Santucci “The Morning After Tomorrow” Phonokol ldt. 2009 IL

Massimo Santucci “Tarantella Warriors” Enormous Tunes 2009 CH

Massimo Santucci “Get Down” Lucent Recordings 2009 DE

Loopmafia feat. Shena “Burning Up” Demenour 2008 DE
Massimo Santucci vs. Lost Witness
“Best” Armada Music 2008 NL

Maxrage “Sweep Machine” Lyon Echo NYC 2008 US

Maxrage & aMaZe “The Big M” Rococo / Baroque 2007 UK

Massimo Santucci “Sweep Attack” Armada Music 2007 NL

Maxrage & aMaZe “Bandits” Bonzai Records 2007 BE

Maxrage “Disco Volante” Vertikal / Bonzai 2007 DE

Santucci vs U2 “Sunday” CDR 2006 White 2006 DE

Maxrage & aMaZe “Cause I Miss” Beatfreak Recordings 2006 SP

Santucci feat. Plock “TREU EP” OpaqueMusic 2006 DE

The Mashup Kids “We won’t let you Down” OpaqueMusic 2005 DE

Dj Amaze “Black Diva EP” Trust Your Tribe 2014 DE

Prototyp “Phantom EP” Insolation 2002 DE

Prototyp “Uncover” Insolation 2002 DE

Massimo Santucci “Libidine Motorica” Liquid Audio Soundz 2002 DE


Analogue Dream „The 1997 Lost Tapes“ Global Trans e LTD 2022 DE

Massimo Santucci „Since 1971 -B-Day Special Release-“ Atari Lovers 2016 DE

Peter Gun & MaxRage „Powder” Tribal Vision 2012 MX

Prototyp “Phantom” Insolation 2002 DE

Massimo Santucci “Al Dente” Liquid Audio Soundz 2002 DE

Analogue Dream „Euphemistic Visions“ (The Call of Shiva) Shiva Space
2000 DE

San Tucci „Molecular Technology“ (Massimo Santucci Remix) Flowtech Recordings 2018 DE

Gabriel Marchisio „Superstition“ (Massimo Santucci RMX) Cancun Records 2015 MX
Radio Killer, Francesco Diaz &
Young Rebels

„Clothes Off“ (Fuzzy Hair & Massimo Santucci RMX) Wormland Black 2013 DE
Le Daan & Tres Amici “Tech House Tango” (Massimo Santucci & Dj Pearl Rmx) Red Eleven
2011 DE

Sergio D’angelo Feat. Solomon Burke
“I’m so in love with you” (Massimo Santucci Rmx) House & Love 2010 IT

Pagani feat. Ann Bailey “Lonely” (Massimo Santucci Mix) Dirty Soul / Be Youself 2010 NL

Jonathan Ulysses & Peter Brown “Time” (Massimo Santucci Mix) Big in Ibiza 2009 UK

Peter Brown feat. Ann Beiley “Set the Groove” (Massimo Santucci & DJ Pearl Rmx) Slammin’ Muzik 2009 DE

Marcello Marchitto “The Progress” (Massimo Santucci Mixes) Chicaria Records 2009 SP

UGLH “Better Days” (Massimo Santucci RMX) Lucent Recordings 2009 DE

Sergio D’angelo & Andrea Love “To The Sky” (Massimo Santucci RMX) Time Records 2009 IT

Swen Weber “Deep In Matadi” (Massimo Santucci RMX) BluFin 2009 DE

Sergio Fernandez “Change The Tempo” (Maxrage & aMaZe RMX) Baroque Records 2008 UK

Sergio D’Angelo & Andrea Love “Can’t Live Without Your Groove” (Massimo Santucci RMX) Time Records 2008 IT
Timo Becker “Advantage Becker” (Massimo Santucci RMX) timbee Music 2007 DE

Rachael Starr “Crash” (Massimo Santucci Remix) Clubbing Capital 2006 FR

Steve Angello & Dave Armstrong “Groove in U” (Mashup Kids Remix) OpaqueMusic 2006 DE

Marcus Binapfl vs. Tribalism “Adelante” (Tribalism Mix) Houseworks 2004 CH

DJ Amaze “Black Diva” (Maxrage Tribal DUB) Trust Your Tribe 2004 DE

Rhythm Masters “The Feeling” (Tribalism Mix) Escape Records 2004 DE